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Arif Ajakia Wiki, Family, Net Worth, Career, Wife, Age, and Social Media

Arif Ajakia Wiki, Family, Age, Net Worth, Career

Arif Ajakia Wiki, Family, Net Worth, Career, Wife, Age, etc

Arif Ajakia is a Human Rights Activist & a YouTuber. He is a Pakistani-born French citizen. Through his YouTube channel, he raises his voice against the violations of fundamental rights of ethnic & religious minorities in Pakistan. And their denial of the right to live a life with dignity and peace in the country.

Arif Ajakia Hd Photo

Arif Ajakia Early Life & Education

Arif Ajakia has been associated with the United Nations Geneva since 1995. He criticises Pakistan's legal framework and its army. He accuses the Pakistan Army and Pakistan-based terrorist organisations of proxy war against Afghanistan and India. 

Arif Ajakia Education 

Arif Ajakia was born in Pakistan. He completed his higher secondary from SM College Karachi.
He is a graduate in commerce from Karachi University, 1980-1984. 

Arif Ajakia Exile:

Arif was a part of the MQM party, founded by Altaf Hussain in 1984, in Pakistan. He has served as 
a Mayor at Jamshed Town, Karachi from 2005 to 2007. Later he had to leave Pakistan because 
of threats to his safety due to his alleged human rights work in Pakistan-administered Kashmir 
and Gilgit-Baltistan. And since then he has been living in exile in London.

Arif Ajakia Religion:

Arif is a Pakistani-born Muslim but he believes that he has the DNA of Bhaarat and his roots are Sanatan Dharma.

Arif Ajakia visits his ancestral home in Ajak, Gujarat during his India visit in 2024:

Arif Ajakia Ancestral Home, Ajak, Gujarat

Arif Ajakia Career

Arif was a research associate at Interfaith International from 2000 to 2005 in Region de Geneve, Suisse. Then he returned to Pakistan and became the Mayor or Town Nazim of Jamshed Town, Karachi, 2005-2007. 

Later, he did research and reporting at Nord Sud Cooperation for 7yrs 7mon from 2010 to Jul 2017.

Arif Ajaki Social Media

Arif has a YouTube channel which runs by his own name. He has around 5L subscribers on his YT channel. Below is the link to his social media handles, he is very active on all social media platforms:

Arif Ajakia:

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 Instagram (Click Here)

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